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About Fakhruddin Souq

Fakhruddin General Trading is a wholesale trading company in UAE. We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of general trading items in the wholesale market of Dubai. We have developed reputation as region’s specialist in wholesale import and export of business and consumer products to clients across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Middle-East. Fakhruddin General Trading is the leading provider of trading products working in partnership with leading brands including Breet, blue hat, bond feah fragrance division, blue image, blue feeling, cool man, dagger dulhan excel power, feah, feah smart, feah active feah smart, feah al – arab, feah arabia, feah cobra, havex, la bamba, lady diana, napolean, real passion, super black, bady diana, durasonic, kawashi, lasertec, omuda, timmy household division, zubedah, solo, and more. We as a trading company distribute products to wholesalers from Dubai at same time execute distribution as wholesalers in Dubai.

Our portfolio boasts over 25,000 product lines ranging across beauty, personal care, toys, household, hardware, luggage, and general trading items. Fakhruddin Trading has loyal employee base of over 250 staff members handling various aspects of wholesale trading and distribution based off from Dubai, UAE. We presently hold warehousing capacity of over 250,000 sq. ft. and retail footprint of over 100000 sq. ft.

Fakhruddin General Trading has acquired loyal customers in form of wholesalers and retailers as well as consumers all across UAE. We have strong brand partners across the globe owing to our excellent service and trading experience. The diverse portfolio of products that we have accumulated under one roof keeps growing in number and so does our capacity to satisfy the wholesale, retail and consumer needs of the trading market.

Our History

1963: Fakhruddin Ebrahimji arrived in Dubai from India with a vision, a belief and a commitment and faith in the Almighty. He began his journey with a small general trading shop in Murshid Bazaar, which has now blossomed into a multimillion dollar organization – Fakhruddin Holdings.