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About Fakhruddin Souq

FakhruddinSouq is the one and only B2B wholesale portal in the region. It stems from Fakhruddin General Trading, a 54 year prestigious legacy in the trading industry of the UAE with a formidable International presence across Middle East, Asia & Africa. Fakhruddin Souq offers a huge variety of Brands and Products in numerous categories including, but not limited to Household products, Toys, Luggage, Cosmetics, Perfume, and general distribution items. We have more than 25,000 SKU’s out of which 1500 SKU’s are active on your finger tips. Fakhruddin Souq gives you best rates 24/7 and exceptional service before, during and after sales, making it the most reliable trading portal in UAE. Our standing in the International market speaks for itself about the service experience with the eminent Fakhruddin General Trading. FakhruddinSouq brings unbeatable offers for wholesale orders on the portal that greatly benefits the customers.

About Products

Fakhruddin Souq (part of Fakhruddin trading is dealing in various brands and products having more than 25000 SKU’s) with active 1500 SKU’s in different product categories including Household, Toys, Perfumes, Beauty, Luggage and general distribution items in the website. Despite such large stock holding we keep refreshing our stock suiting to the market needs & trends. Hence, we send Product updates through Trade alerts, Newsletters, email, Facebook advertisement, Instagram posts, tweet and LinkedIn making it easy for customers to keep up. The updates are not limited to just products and pricing updates, Fakhruddin souq conveys every necessary piece of information to its customers, along with news regarding current market trends and business updates. If you want to know more about our brands and products click this link:

Become our Partner

Fakhruddin souq is a leading online B2B wholesale portal in region, UAE and is also open to International buyers, including buyers from Asia and Africa. Fakhruddin souq has a current customer database of more than 10,000 buyers and we are hoping to double this number as buyers benefit from the prices we offer and the services we provide. Our current customers are growing with us and we provide them best wholesale prices with quality products and timely delivery of goods on bulk buying. Fakhruddin souq believes in mutual growth alongside our customers as they make the same products available in their respective markets on time with best prices. Fakhruddin Souq is currently playing major role in Pakistan’s perfume wholesale market where our loyal customers are growing with Fakhruddin souq. Fakhruddin souq is also the top perfumes dealer in dubai with its own manufacturing units spread across UAE. Fakhruddin souq is one of the top skin care products wholesaler in Africa region our customers dealing in skin care segment are growing their business and achieving good revenue and results which ultimately helps Fakhruddin souq build strong relationship with its customers.

Customer Service

For every e-commerce based company it is important to have a customer services department which listens, handles and resolves customer issues, complaints and provides information which the customer requires. For this purpose a dedicated team of customer services representatives is mandatory. Fakhruddin souq itself being an e-commerce b2b wholesaler in Dubai has its own dedicated customer service department which responds to every customer’s query without any delay. Our customer service department works 6 days a week from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm (Dubai, uae time zone) from Saturday till Thursday, you can contact by phone by calling: 0556003084 or by Email : to contact Fakhruddin souq’s customer services representatives. Once customer registers their complaint or query, our team will escalate the same to higher authorities and try to resolve the matter within 24 hours.