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The straight cut compound action aviation snip is strong and durable. Its serrated cutting blades cut up to 18-gauge cold rolled and 23-gauge stainless steel. With forged chrome molybdenum steel cutting blades, latch design for quick single handed operation, color-coded, bi-material grips for slip resistance, and this tool allows you to cut steel with ease.


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  • Cuts up to 18 gauge (1.2mm) cold-rolled steel or 23 gauge (0.7mm) stainless-steel
  • Forged chrome molybdenum steel cutting blades for strength, durability and long cutting life
  • Serrated cutting blades provides a sturdy bite and helps prevent material from slipping during use
  • Latch design allows for a quick single handed operation
  • Adjustment-free fasteners prevent loosening of the blades
  • Color-coded, slip-resistant bi-material grip for comfort and control.
  • Size: 250mm
  • Technical Terms:

    Aviation Snip: Compound-action snips are also known as aviation snips because they were developed to cut aluminum in the construction of aircraft. They can handle aluminum up to 18 gauges, mild steel up to 24 gauges or stainless steel up to 26 gauge. Straight Cut: Straight cut tin snips are designed for the simple straight cutting and trimming of sheet metals using a scissor-like action. Serrated Cutting Blades: A serrated blade is a type of blade used on saws and on some knives or scissors. It is also known as a dentate, saw tooth, or toothed blade. A serrated blade has a cutting edge. Molybdenum grade stainless: The generic term “Stainless Steel” covers a large group of iron-base alloys that contain chromium. The term “stainless” implies a resistance to staining or rusting in air. Cold Rolled Steel: Metal forming process in which a steel ingot (cooled to a temperature at which the metal is no longer pliable or plastic) is forged or rolled into sheets or other shapes. Also called cold worked steel.
    Brand NameStanley

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